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Here are just some of the services we provide here at SPRYDER TECH.  Let us evaluate your company's current IT needs.  We can help!


We will customize a support plan tailored to your business.  With us by your side we can minimize the pain of keeping up with your IT systems.  We will provide a 24/7 proactive solution that is there when you need it.  In today’s business environment, IT is often the hidden and overlooked backbone of the company’s success. The experience is here—Partner with SPRYDER TECH!


Cloud services are here to stay!  We have the expertise to keep up  and manage your move to the cloud.

Trending services to consider:

·        Office 365 Email / SharePoint

·        Azure

·        Salesforce

·        File Sharing

·        Symantec Cloud Antivirus


System outages can really hit a company's profit margins.  Employees waiting for a system to come back online are profits lost.

Most of the time there were warnings in the system.  Let SPRYDER TECH monitor your systems. We can see the signs of system failure and REPAIR the issue BEFORE a system outage.


How important is your company's data?  Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place?

Let SPRYDER TECH set a system in place that keeps your data SAFE.  This is more than just data backups.  This is a COMPLETE plan that QUICKLY gets you PRODUCTIVE in the event of a server hardware failure.


Do you have a closet full of spaghetti?

Does your network seem to be running slow?

SPRYDER TECH can clean up your data closet.  We can replace those old switches, firewalls, and routers.  We can get your network current and running like new.


The days of plain old telephone lines have come to an end.  Physical PBX systems are becoming dinosaurs.  With Cloud Based PBX systems and a solid VoIP system in place, your company can expand as needed.  New Cloud Based phone systems are economical.  It's a NO BRAINER!

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